The Grange Project by Vibe Design Group is a clever twist on the typical ‘picket fence’ theme that is commonly found in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

Location: Canterbury, Melbourne

Floor Area: 365m2

Outdoor Area: 57m2

Photography: Peter Hyatt

Introducing Vibe Design Group’s multi award-winning project ‘The Eyrie’. A remarkable neo-classical renovation for an over-scaled and abandoned mansion in Eaglemont.

Location: Eaglemont, Melbourne

Floor Area: 987m2

Outdoor Area: 217m2

Photography: Peter Hyatt, Young & Percival

This Hawthorn renovation project by Vibe, successfully preserves the heritage value of the home to the street, while the upper storey addition peers over the Victorian frontage. The transition from old to new maximises the space physically and visually, with open plan layout to the rear.

Location: Hawthorn, Melbourne

Floor Area: 262m2

Outdoor Area: 42m2

Photography: Grant Kennedy

The Hughes Road award-winning residence from Vibe Design Group, is a striking, carefully composed project that maximises spectacular bayside views.

Location: Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula

Floor Area: 476m2

Outdoor Area: 153m2

Photography: Robert Hamer

Vibe Design Group were approached by the residents of a somewhat dated home in Newtown, Geelong. The subsequent renovation utilises the building’s corner position and some clever tricks to create a spacious and successful family home.

Location: Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula

Floor Area: 314m2

Outdoor Area: 62m2

Photography: Robert Hamer

Vibe’s design intent for the Royston Property focused on giving appreciation of the breathtaking bay views from every conceivable vantage point. Shape and form were used with solid elements, blade walls and cantilevers to guide the journey through the home, with the view ever-present.

Location: Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsula

Floor Area: 472m2

Outdoor Area: 181m2

Photography: Robert Hamer

The brief to Vibe Design Group required a family home for the clients’ two young children and occasional overnight guests. Timeless contemporary appeal and a flexible, zoned layout were a priority. As passionate cooks and entertainers, it was important that an expansive and functional kitchen be incorporated into the heart of the home.

Location: Gisborne, Macedon Ranges

Floor Area: 272m2

Outdoor Area: 135m2

Photography: Travis De Clifford