The Hughes Road award-winning residence from Vibe Design Group, is a striking, carefully composed project that maximises spectacular bayside views.

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Location: Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula

Floor Area: 476m2

Outdoor Area: 153m2

Photography: Robert Hamer

A private beach house in Portsea by Vibe Design Group, designed to take in all of its surrounds – from passing ships in the distant bay views, to its immediate rural setting. The glass ends to the pool draw your eye to set the tone from the initial drive up. Behind a concrete fin, the ultimate pool deck that conjures a scene from a Slim Aarons photo shoot. On its own level, a guest retreat views back through the pool.

Location: Portsea, Victoria

Floor Area: 497m2

Outdoor Area: 246m2

Photography: Marshall Commercial Photography

This luxurious modern coastal home by Vibe Design Group, sits comfortably into it’s lookout in Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. Vibe considered all aspects of the site in designing the landscape and entry to the property, specifying a steel sculpture from Australian artist Russell Petherbridge, and of course in the building itself.

Location: Mt Martha, Mornington Peninsula

Floor Area: 386m2

Outdoor Area: 194m2

Photography: William Long

Vibe Design Group’s Kelso project is a family home nestled amongst a heritage area within a wider industrial and commercial setting, with proximity to the iconic Nylex Clock near Richmond. Use of uneven bluestone alludes to the cobbled Melbourne laneways while the express joint cladding and aluminium fins connect the house to it’s semi-industrial surrounds. An entering guest is immediately met with a great open space flanked by a long line veneer wall – without knowledge of it’s integrated access points to storage spaces and other rooms.

Location: Cremorne, Melbourne

Floor Area: 308m2

Outdoor Area: 73m2

Photography: Grant Kennedy

The Grange Project by Vibe Design Group is a clever twist on the typical ‘picket fence’ theme that is commonly found in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

Location: Canterbury, Melbourne

Floor Area: 365m2

Outdoor Area: 57m2

Photography: Peter Hyatt

Vibe Design Group were commissioned to create a family home in the leafy streets of Beaumaris, Melbourne. Their solution is Tramway. ‘Not’ your typical suburban home.

Location: Beaumaris, Melbourne

Floor Area: 327m2

Outdoor Area: 77m2

Photography: Robert Hamer